Artificial Grass

We supply and fit very high quality types of Artificial Grass.


We have many samples in store and also offer our reputable 'Home Choose Service' if you are not able to make your way over to us. If you would like to arrange a home choose service or have any questions about our Artificial Grass range please call us on: (01733) 390411


Our solid experience in the field and long list of previous projects completed, demonstrates our passion to provide you with a proffesionally fitted product. By choosing us, you will benefit from our expertise and dedication to giving the highest quality service possible. 


We have a forever growing portfolio full of information for you to view over at our 3D Grass website. Please click the link below to find out more about our services.


A step by step guide for an average garden



The Dig Out



We normally dig out approximately 100mm to 125mm, (4" to 5"), depending on the ground.



Baton, Membrane and Hardcore


We then put in the timber frame.  Lay the fibreglass membrane.  And start to put in approximately 100mm of Type 1 MOT (crushed rock).



Sand and Screed



After we have compacted the Type 1 MOT, we then add 20mm to 30mm of Sharp Sand. This is also compacted and then screeded off, ready for the next stage.



The Fitting



The 3D Artificial Grass is then fitted, very similar to a carpet using knee kickers and galvanised air staples.



The Finished Garden



Here is the end result.  A beautiful, low maintenance 3D Grass.

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